Thursday, April 10, 2014

One Month Home

First, I would like to thank everyone for the continued prayers, thoughts, gifts, kind words and words of encouragement throughout this process.  We are so very grateful.

Well, one month has passed since Family Day meeting our girl.  All I can say is pinch me.  I am over the moon ......  I can say honestly - I believe we all are.  When I see Brennan and Carson holding her, playing with her and kissing the booboi's away it just melts my heart.  

Brian and I still look at each other in amazement.  Amazement that this girl is ours that she is hysterically funny (she cracks jokes and knows she is doing it lol). She knows she's funny too.  She picks up on what we are doing and saying.  She wants to do and participate in everything the boys do ( soccer, tennis, hip hop etc..). She enjoys the mommy and me classes- especially our Friday classes where she loves the gymnastics apparatus type equipment. 

Today (Wednesday)was very cute.  This morning Miss AG asked to put on the Backpack that her daddy/baba Carried her in all over China.  I put it on her and then she asked for her baby to go in the back.  She walked around the house for awhile until the backpack carrier fell off as it was hue on her.  

Since it was daddy's day off we celebrated family day with daddy's Delious fish tacos.  Next, we went on a family bike ride.  Then finally off to the new Carvel ice cream shop. AG had been asking for ice cream and popcorn all day lol.  I think because she experienced these items in China with such joy.  Anyway - we came home and made popcorn.  She and I bagged it up for snack time.  

At bedtime - I go around and kiss the boys and tell them I love you.  Well,  when I kissed AG she asked to kiss her baby dolls too - so I did.  After awhile I hear her ---  "I love you.  I love you. I love you." I look over and she was kissing her babies over and over saying "I love you I love you". Oh my, this just warms this momma's heart.  Brian and I looked at each other once again and said "we have been blessed". 

Thank you for the doll!

Love - Traci xoxo

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