Thursday, April 3, 2014

Now that we are home!

Well, now that we have been home a little over a week and the boys have been back at school and daddy back at work- Miss AG and I have been bonding!  

She is pure joy!  Her laughter is infectious. A dream come true.

We are having lots of fun with outings - play dates and mommy and me classes. This bonding time has been what I have been longing for.  :)) this momma's heart could explode!:))

We now play with the little dog Layah but still not the big dog yet!

We say Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Carson, brennan, momma, baba (dad), grandma, grandpa, Diane, Bob, up, please, thank you and many more English words. I still use the translator to tell her things I think she may not be understanding.  This helps to eliminate frustration if there is any.  She really goes along very well.

Picking up the boys from school!
She sleeps amazingly well!  And so peaceful!  We have been blessed!
This girl is so active!  We love Mommy and Me classes!
She loves books, dolls and all toys!  She repeats numbers and the alphabet. 

We pinch ourselves everyday that she is really living with us.  She is so precious!

Thank you God for this sweet blessing of a child.  We are grateful and thankful!

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