Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Fun Has Begun.....

Despite our efforts to have a Tennis Fundraiser event, the weather just did not cooperate at all.  So we will reschedule for a later date when the weather is a bit more stable.  The courts quickly flood with a down poor. 

Anyway ----

We kicked off summer with a fishing trip with our good friends on their boat.  They were so kind to invite us out - However,  I am very prone to motion sickness and the waves were not as low as we had hoped.  Needless to say the ride out was great, but once the we stopped and the boat started rocking forget it.  Done - Over!  Despite my efforts to take motion sickness medication, wear motion sickness wrist bands and chew ginger gum all at the same time - still no luck.  I probably needed to take the motion sickness medicine an hour before.  Anyway - they quickly got me back to shore and I spent the next couple of hours recovering and watching the boats go in and out of the marina.  I was very happy to be on land and just watch! :)

Anyway - Everyone else has a great time.  They caught several snappers and some mahi.  We had a great dinner that evening!

Let's just say Brian and the boys went fishing alone with our friend yesterday and I used the day to be kidless and have some me time.  They were successful fisherman once again and brought home several snapper for dinner.  I made a new marinade of garlic and ginger, fresh dill, olive oil, aminos by Braggs, blackened redfish seasoning and some lemon juice. Soak the fish in this, so yummy!

The boys and I are at home for the summer and we are finding our routine. In the morning the boys complete their summer study (consisting of reading, summer workbook, bible and an optional subject) , help out with chores and then fun activities. I have signed us up for the Free Bowling for the summer and the $1 summer movie club at the local movie theatre.  Today we saw Ice Age.  Even though we have seen some of these movies, it is always fun to go to the theatre.

Adoption News:

Our Homestudy is complete!  This is huge.  Now to complete immigration and then complete the dossier to send off to China. 

Earlier this week we sent out a  second care package to Alivia Grace.  This consisted of a little dress, sandels, toys for her doll that we sent in the first package, more pictures and a lovey blanket.  We hope this brings a smile to her precious little face and that she will come to recognize us through the pictures. 

Nothing else to report!

Traci xoxox