Monday, October 28, 2013

Text to Donate Day to Bring Home Our Girl

The weekend of Nov. 8th we will be celebrating Alivia Grace's 3rd Birthday.  We really thought we would have her in our Arms by now.  But we are still patiently waiting as God prepares us and we know he has a plan.

In honor of Our Girls Birthday we were given the opportunity to raise funds via a "Text to Donate Day" on Sunday, Nov. 10th all day.  Mark your calendar for this event.  We will be trying to raise the Orphanage Fee of $5,000.   This is the Best Birthday Gift we could give this little girl at this time. This money is given to the Orphanage to pay for what our daughter has used in their care up to this point as well as to help provide for those left behind with care, food, shelter, some medical care etc.

Here's how it works...

On OUR Text-to-Donate day (November 10th), tell all your friends and family to text "WISH" to 80077 to donate $5 to Bring Home Our Girl (see example below). The more people you tell and share this with the more we can raise.  If a little over 300 people donate $15 (Text "Wish" 3 times - follow the rules and process below three times), We would meet our Goal.  What a Blessing!
Technical Information....
            • Mobile donors will have a $5 charge from mGive, the provider of the service on their phone bill.
            • A mobile donation will NOT be processed if the mobile user does not confirm "YES" to the agreed $5 charge. A majority of the donors do not do this.
            If a mobile user has block extra usage charges, the text response will return as "FAIL". Many parents block their kids phones to stop unwanted charges.
            • A maximum of 5 mobile donations can be made per month.
            Pay-as-you-go mobile phones and international phones will not work on the system.
            • Donation period runs from 12am (MST) to 11:59pm (MST). 24 hours are required for the donation system to calculate the totals.
            • Disclaimer:   Charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance. All purchases must be authorized by account holder. Must be 18 years of age or have parental permission to participate. Message and Data Rates May Apply. Text STOP to 80077 to STOP. Text HELP to 80077 for HELP.  Full Terms: Privacy Policy
This is a Sample - Make sure you follow up with "Yes" to confirm
Thank you very much in advance.  You do not know how much this means to us and to our Girl.
Traci, Brian, Brennan and Carson


Thursday, October 24, 2013


Yippy - Big Accomplishment -



On to the Next Thing.......

We are to download our next assignment this evening........... (small celebration and moving on)

Thank you so much for all the prayers.... We greatly appreciate it!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bring Home Our Girl

Good news!  Our Dossier is complete and will be off to China to become Logged in.  Another big step about complete - Yeah - Seeing light......

On another note:

We are so excited that we have been given the opportunity to raise funds for our girl through Wish Upon a Hero.  Our goal is to raise funds specifically for her orphanage fee.  The orphanage fee is seperate from the adoption agency and travel expences as it is $5000 that goes towards her care in orphanage/foster care and for those left behind to continue running facilities, to provide food and shelter, clothing etc. as well as what she has used in the almost three years she has been in their care.

We need your help.  We need 200 likes on our adoption fan page to be eligible for this fundraising opportunity through "Wish Upon A Hero" text to wish program. Please help us gain "Likes".

Giving us a "like" would be great and very helpful.

Like the page  Bring Home Our Girl to help us get to our goal of 200 likes. Here is the link:

We thank you so very much.

On another note -----
I am so proud of my husband:

Earlier this week Brian was in a business meeting getting to know colleagues.  Someone asked Brian how many children he had and he replied two boys and their ages and we are adopting our little girl from China.  The colleague replied wow, do you know the statistics about adoption.  You should read XYZ book and learn about those statistics.  Brian replied to the gentleman that his father (Brian's Father) was adopted as an eight year old boy and if someone did not step up and show him love and a family - I might not be here today.  The gentleman colleague stumbled to find words and continuely apologized to Brian for what he said.  Just goes to show you how unknowledgeable people are about adoption and they only want to hear or see the bad in it.  Really??

The statements and reaction that we get about our adoption process are all different from very supportive to why China?  With which we reply there are children all over the world that need adopting.  This was God's calling for us.  Or the why not just have one of your own or why now? With which I reply there is no good or perfect time to adopt or have a child and we can not wait till we are perfect parents with a perfect life ---  it would never ever happen if that was the case.  We are to be obedient to God's calling even when it might not be convenient for us. This is a difficult concept for many who do not understand the biblical teachings.  As it comes from sacrifice to do for the good of God and Not just what's good for Yourself. 

Many can not fathom How much I would fight for a child that is very much mine - that I have never met though or know.  It is something I can not explain........

Please continue to pray over this process.

We thank you so very much -

Love and Hugs