Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We Want to Grow our Family! Come Home Mei Mei! (Little Sister In Chinese)

"I will not leave you as orphans:  I will come to you."  John 14:18

We are very excited to announce that after much prayer we have found it our calling to adopt a special little girl from China.  She will be our daughter.  We will give her a life and a family.

So, Why adopt?  and Why China?  We have 2 healthy boys, why take in more?  Around Thanksgiving time last year it really started weighing on our hearts to add to our family.  In Bible Study, we discussed the lost and forgotten and how as Christians we need to step up.  This grew in our heart further (Light Bulb!).  This is how we could make a difference.  We knew that the desire to add to our family was ultimately part of a much bigger plan-to bring a child into our home who had no family of their own.

Most of you know how desperately I have always wanted a daughter of our own: and so began the research.  As a dance instructor for many many years, I had many families who had adopted from China.  I always thought to myself one day that will be ME.  With China's "One Child Rule", parents are only able to keep one child.  Boys are preferred because they are quickly put back into the work force.  The future for girls is not so bright.  While it is illegal to have a child and keep another, it is also illegal to abandon a child.  So what are these poor families left to do.  These Chinese Mothers often get a bad rap for abandoning their children, but the exact opposite is true.  They risk everything to make sure that their child is left in a safe, noticeable place (often times a Hospital, school parking lot, Government building) ensuring that when they are found, they will be taken care of.  The children are often placed in an orphanage or foster home.  I won't lie, the pictures of orphanage life are not so gleaming.  It is sad, but the nannies who work there, take excellent care of these babies  (Lots of them!) and give them the best care that they can.

Again, at my church I ran into a very nice lady who had two biological sons and two adopted daughters from China.  We ended up at the same bible study table.  I would ask her about her daughters and she let me know the need for adopting kids in China with a special need.  I learned of the astronomical statistics.  So I further began to ask her questions and pray about this.

As for Brian, the decision to adopt was easy for him as well.  His father was adopted and he was always very grateful that his father was able to have a family.  I know in his heart he is very excited to experience having a daughter as well.

As for the boys, they are very excited!  I do not think they realize what this all means quit yet.  They just know they will be getting a sister and helping to pick out dresses and toys for her.  When we are in any store now, Carson takes me right over to the girls section and says "How about this dress for our sister?".  I love it!  They both will be such great big brothers.  Watch out!  The Wallin boys will be watching over their little sis like two body guards.

We are very excited about this growth opportunity that we will experience together as a family.  A new culture, a new life to learn about and grow with, parenting a daughter and the list goes on and on.......

Us visiting China at Disney's Epcot! 

Um!  Welcome to our silly Family! ;)