Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things I dream of doing with my daughter.....

 Experiences I Want to Have With My Daughter.

The moment she walks through the door and I see her for the first time

Hold her in my arms

Kiss her cheeks

See her first smile

Hear her first giggle

Watch her sleep

Give her her first bath

Brush her hair

Dress her in new clothes

Snuggle with her while feeding her

Put her hair in piggies

Braid her hair

Visit the Princesses with her and take her picture with them

Visit the live Barbie dream house in Sawgrass with her

Oh and Disney princess on Ice

Ok anything girly ........ That I can't do with the boys

Hear the sound of her voice

Hear her sing

Hear her call me mama and know she means "me"

When she initiates a kiss with me

Smell girlie lotions and fragrances

Her first purse in the crook of her arm

Hear her talk to her baby dolls/stuffed animals

Celebrate Chinese culture as part of our history

Tickle her

Tell her I love her

Comfort her when she cries

Easter dresses

Hear her first English word

Celebrate all the firsts. As a family birthdays, Valentines Day, Christmas,etc

When she recognizes her new name

Have a Picnic and Tea party

Observe her try to do and play what her brothers play

See a smitten daddy holding her tight

See her wrestle and giggle with her brothers

Watch her brothers be protective over her

Rock while reading a book together

Bouncing on the Trampoline with her brothers

Sit around the dinner table and see all my kids together

Watch her adapt to our Doggies Bella Rose and Princess Layah (this may take some time!)

Fly half way across the world together

See daddy carrying his girl in a dress

Seeing her play girly tea party and dress up with daddy and the boys

Introduce her to grandparents and cousins for the first time

Watch her enjoy her first wet sloppy kiss from our dog (may take a long long time)

Watch her taste a variety of new foods

Swing together at the playground

Kick the soccer ball together

Kiss her toes

See her on daddy's shoulders

Paint our toenails and fingernails

Hold hands as a family of 5

Go shopping at Target

Tell new friends we have 2 boys and 1 girl

Visiting girly stores and shops for a reason

Play Candy Land, the princess version

See her have a light saber war with her brothers

Teach her about Jesus and read the Princess children's bible stories

Pray  and sing with her as she goes to sleep

Help her dress her dolls and play house

Costume jewelry everywhere

Walk hand in hand with her brothers

Drag her blankie behind her

See her wrestle with daddy

Little dresses and Hair Bows -

Ruffles and more Ruffles

Visit the mall playground

Look back in the car to see a pink covered carseat

Ring around the rosie

Horsey rides on her brothers' backs

Chick fil A with friends

Teaching her Song and Dance Routines "I like my Ice Cream Cone - like my doggie likes his bone"

Trying on new shoes

Stretch on tip toes to reach things

Lots of pictures

Bubble baths with soapy hair do's

Wear aprons and bake in the kitchen

Play peek a boo

Bed Hair with sleepy eyes

Go on a walk with her in the stroller

See her run at the soccer field watching big bros

Pick up dropped snacks under the high chair - Well doggies will do that! 

Twirl around to music

Discover her personality

Blow bubbles

Watch a chic flick together

Read bible stories together

Have a mom/daughter mani/pedi

Wrap a gift together

Mommy/Daughter time while the boys are at school

Watch her whiz down a slide at the playground

Her first splash in the pool

See her blow out her birthday candles for the first time

See her unwrap a gift

See her slurp Asian noodles

Discover what makes her mad!


Hold her in church during the worship songs

See her playing with the kids

Taking her to her first dance lesson

See her ride a tricycle/scooter for the first time

Introduce her as our daughter

Hold her hand

Go to sleep knowing she is HOME

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Third Trimester and Nesting

I feel that this baby girl is coming soon.  My maternal instincts kick in as I prepare her room and get ready to travel.  All of sudden I have these urges to finish everything up, prepare, get ready.............. Nesting!

So, I have been cleaning up the house and organizing.  Gathering things around the house to set aside for the trip. 

I have found some great used books for $.01 - yeah.   Books on Adoption for Brian and I referred by many fellow adoptive parents and Children's books on adoption. 

I always like to read the reviews of books before I buy.  I like to see each persons perspective of the book before I choose a book.  I learn something every time I read these views.  I get another persons perspective on the book whether it be good or bad.  Often times it is an adoptee reviewing the book from their personal perspective.  I want to be sensitive to all of these things and I cant be sensitive if I am not aware.  Thankful for reviews.

We are in the Last Trimester and patiently waiting for the next step. 

Dear God - I thank you and praise you for all your many blessings and for this wonderful life.  I would like to lift up our sweet girl to you.  Please cover her with your love and keep her safe until her family comes to get her.  Continue to prepare our hearts and minds for this journey.  Thank you.  In Jesus Name - Amen.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Text to Donate Day for Our Girl

Don't forget, Sunday, November 10th (all day long) is the Text to Donate day for Our Girl. 

Text  "Wish"  to 80077 and confirm with "YES" for it to be sent.  Thank you so very much!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Our Girl's Birthday

Yes, today we celebrate Our Girl's 3rd birthday miles apart.  I am so happy that God willing we will not miss another. 

I wonder if her birth mother thinks of her each year around this time? 

When I asked if I could have a birthday cake sent to her - they said that her orphanage did not allow it.  Apparently some do.  They choose to celebrate all the kids birthdays for the month at one time on one day.  This is very understandable with so many kids. 

Dear Lord,

I pray for this precious girl, that you will keep her safe and healthy until we get there.  Please protect the people of China as this storm is about to make it's way to the area.  We know only you know the plan.  Amen.

Traci XOXO

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The many hands it takes for One Adoption

I was reading some of our paper work that we received from our agency further explaining the remaining steps of our adoption process.  I was wore out in thinking about the number of people and steps that it takes to facilitate one single adoption.  No wonder it takes so long and it is so expensive. 

First, there are people that approve and review your application and get you started in the process.  Then you order all the appropriate documents and someone prepares your marriage and birth certificates for the states where you were born and married.  You gather more documents, go to doctors appointments where you involve even more people (doctors, nurses etc.) in the process.  A social worker comes to the home for the homestudy.  All documents are sent away (you might have to have a courier person hand deliver these documents) to have someone certify and authenticate those documents (this is probably a few different people).  Those documents go back to your agency for review.  The reviewed documents go to China to be logged in their system.  Hard telling how many hands the documents have to go through to finally get to the Letter of Acceptance of your matched child (many involved in the match of your child).  Paperwork is sent off so that the child can come to the United States and become a US Citizen.  Then China gives you travel approval and all of the travel arrangements (the agency, in China representatives, travel agency etc. are all involved in this process) are made flights, hotels etc....  Appointments for your newly adopted child are made and I am sure much coordinating from the orphanage as well to make sure that all documentation and appropriate records are made so that the child can be adopted.  And the nannies and foster care family that has cared for the child in the waiting process....

I am sure I am missing many steps and hands that might be involved ..... but I can already see that there are several people involved...........Oh and I will not forget about the family and friends that I have involved and reached out to for support............ 

WOW!  I can really see how many people will have at some point touched the process that we are going through and how many hands it takes to make this miraculous act happen.  I am amazed and in aw. 

Instead of being upset at the length and the expense of the process - I have a much clearer understanding of why the fees might be rather expensive.  And why the wait so long.....Over the course of a year the number of people and acts that it has taken to achieve this process........  Imagine the many adoptions being conducted at this time.  Our agency conducts 30 to 50 per month.  This is a whole lot of papers and processing that I am simply amazed by. 

I just simply wish that the process was more simple and that more children could be adopted and that more would not be afraid of this amazing process that is facilitated by so many. 

I am so thankful for those that have chosen a career that in some way has an impact or lays hands on the adoption process.  Oh what a feeling that must be.

Of course, I still want my daughter home as soon as possible in environment where she receives regular - Love, family, care, food, shelter, heat/air conditioning, clothed, medical needs met as well as education and extracurricular activities.  A childhood with birthdays and holidays to celebrate... family trips.........  and on and on.... But I have a whole New Appreciation Today!  I am so very grateful for the many Hands.  Those that are the Hands and Feet of Jesus!

Please continue to pray over our process.  We are waiting for this Last Paper that will signal us that travel to get our girl will be with in 10-14 weeks. 

Please pray for our girls health.  She seems to have lost a couple of pounds as of the end of October and we were informed that there has been scabies out breaks.  Breaks this mama's Heart. :(

NO one will care for Her and Love her the way we Will.


Praise be to God!