Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First Post Adoption Visit

Well, we are making strides in many areas.  We were told that AG was very afraid of dogs.  I expected that.  However , when we brought her home I really thought she would be terrified.  She was a little nervous at first especially with our bigger dog.  The little dog she made friends with within a couple of days.  She would ask to play with the smaller dog "Layah".  The big dog "Belle" she had absolutely no interest in and she became extremely fearful if she was near "Belle".  One day, we let Belle out by accident while AG was outside playing. Anyway it scared the crap out of Miss AG when Belle came running up to kiss her.  Well, this made the fear worse as we scooped AG up and rushed her inside.  Oh my, dog traning therapy for AG needed to start.  Each day the boys would play with Belle and show her  (AG) that the dog was friendly and fun.  Daddy would show her the big doggy was friendly and fun and within two days Miss AG was begging to feed the big doggy cookie treats and no longer crying or fearful.  I still have to hold her near the dog- but she is ok to be close and throw treats at Belle.  Huge progress.

Learning English

On another note AG is exploding in the language department.  At night, before we go to sleep she is the most talkative saying every family members name and all the Disney characters.  She is beginning to use some multi word sentences on her own without prompting (she repeats most anything).  

She still uses a few Chinese words and we are ok with that for now.  

This once used to be daddies girl has turned into momma's girl.  She still loves to run and see daddy when he comes home from work but quickly worries and wonders where her momma is.  In China she would not let me sleep near her.  Now she falls asleep rubbing my hand and I rubbing hers snuggled up close to me.  When she finally is asleep her arm is wrapped around me.  So precious!

I still have to pinch myself--- last week we were at the boys dance lessons.  There is a cabinet full of second hand dance and tap shoes.  AG saw some that thought would fit her and ask that we look at them.  We tried on TAP shoes.  My heart melted.  She wanted them so bad and they were only $5 - I could not resist.  SOLD.  She tapped around all night long.  I could instruct her a bit for short periods of time (heel steps and brush steps). But she really just loved the noise!  

Today, she put on the tap shoes and asked that I put on mine (mine are in the laundry room so she sees them and plays with them). I said ok and off we went with our tap shoes and a few shuffles here and there.

When we first got home from China we tried to get AG to pedal a tricycle or small bike and it was a challenge.  How quickly she has learned though.  Now she pedals the big wheel, tricycle and small bicycle with training wheels very well. Even beginning to steer some!:))

Swimming lessons started this week as well. More details Ina later post.  

We are still enjoying mommy and me story time and activites.  Miss AG is getting more comfortable.  Today she interacted with other children and other adults happily tossing a ball.  Yeah!!

Now we are preparing for our first post adoption meeting.  I went a little crazy organizing.  When it strikes my mood - I go with it.  Since before China I have been wanting to change the playroom into more of a study.  So that we did.  We moved the boys desks into the old playroom.  This way I can keep my eyes on them during homework/study time.  I even set up a little table for AG to do her preschool work.  She loves counting and learning nursery rhymes.  She is very interested in the ABC's as well.  It was a big job moving furniture around but fun.  We got so much done and I think we will make good use of the space.  I also have the worlds best big boy helpers!

First - post adoption meeting went great. Just lots of questions about how AG and the family are adapting and adjusting.  We passed with flying colors!  Yeah! The social worker said AG seemed to be adapting very well.  

We can not thank her caregivers in China enough for preparing her so well.  We know God has his hand on this process.  We also are grateful to her birth parents for allowing us the opportunity to raise up this amazing child.  Thankful and Blessed!


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