Monday, September 23, 2013


I800a approval came Saturday.  Yeah!  Mailed the Last 2 documents off  to be certified and authenticated this week. Progress!!  We are moving along again!:))

Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's Been Awhile............

I know......  It has been awhile since my last update post.  Like they say - "no news is good news".  I keep thinking I will post when the 800a paper comes and we are moving again through the process.  However that has taken much longer than I expected. 

Finally getting a bit impatient I contacted our adoption agency to make sure everything was OK with this 800a document.  She reassured me that the process was taking longer now and that I was welcome to call the immigration office to find out the status. 

So that I did!  I called - and was put through right away to a lady who was very friendly and familiar with the process.  She let me know that they had just recently become very busy and  were running a little behind. The process has been taking less than 60 days and now was running between 60 and 75 days. She was so kind to reassure us that it would not be much longer and that once we get through this process that the items we had to complete from here on out would move much more quickly.  Her last note was to call her back on Monday or Tuesday and she would have an update for me.  Praise God!

In this lul/wait time - I have filled my time well with Communities in Motion Classes starting and kicking off a new season of classes(the dance business in Ohio that I oversee).   So much fun and so exciting.  I am always amazed at the paths God takes me through and the people that he puts in my life. 

The boys started school and soccer so we have kept very busy with that as well.  I really enjoy watching the boys play soccer. 

It has been almost like the adoption process has been put on a backburner through this longest of paper work processes. 

We will wait and see what this next week brings! :)  All in God's timing!

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Thank you so very much for your continued words of support and prayers.  We greatly appreciate it so much.  We love it when loving friends ask about our girl!  Love, Traci XO